Episode 6: Temptation Island

Once we are on “Temptation Island” it’s hard to swim back.

Every single day, we are faced with choices related to our health.

The poor choices of skipping that workout, eating that junk food, or having that last cocktail can be hard to resist.
It feels as if we are sometimes surrounded by it, like water…. because we are.

For this reason, we call it “Temptation Island”!

Watch this week’s show to learn a few hacks on how to free yourself from the island of bad choices.

Listen to The Podcast Here

Key Points From the Episode:

  • Some people are so tempted that facing death doesn’t make them change
  • How do you get off temptation island?
  • What tools you can use to overcome temptation?
  • Association and disassociation
  • How Dr. Ben isn’t tempted
  • Change your mindset
  • By the time you get a diagnosis its already been going on so you have to invest in your health today
  • You can replace unhealthy food with healthy foods
  • The “stay full” rule
  • Facing temptation on the road
  • Finding balance
  • Have a scheduled temptation meal

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