Episode 5: Taking The D

Do you take the D?
How much D do you need and why is it particularly important to take more of the D this time of the year?

If these are burning questions in your mind then you’ll want to tune into this week’s episode and learn about the importance of vitamin D and its role in immune system health.

We are living in some weird times … where many have forgotten we have this thing called an “immune system” that has evolved over millions of years.

Many today lean into pills and needles versus making the necessary lifestyle changes to elevate your immune health.

We all have the greatest defense mechanism inside of us.
Let’s discuss how to fortify it versus destroy it.

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Key Points From the Episode:

  • Science shows the benefit in vitamin D
  • The more vitamin D people took the less they died from COVID
  • Be careful where you search your data
  • There isn’t a cold & flu season but a vitamin D deficiency season
  • There is a receptor regulated by Vitamin D that controls how your body responds to pathogens
  • The link of cognitive impairment and not taking Vitamin D
  • Not all supplements are equal
  • 90% of people are deficient in Vitamin D
  • Lifestyle choices can affect your absorption of Vitamin D
  • The system wants you to be sick. They can’t make money off of you if you are healthy
  • Wearing a mask enforces fear
  • We have one life to live, trust your body and build your immune system
  • A large part of your body is made of viruses
  • Fear takes away your reasonable thinking
  • Be aware of that you are taking the correct vitamin D supplement
  • God made food with amazing benefits
  • Live as intended

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