33 Day Detox Challenge

You Are Loaded With Toxins, Let’s Get Them Out

Welcome to our FREE Detox challenge… this one may save your life!

We live in a TOXIC world!  Daily our bodies are bombarded by toxins from our environment, air, food, water, EMF, and MUCH more.  The reality is you can’t stop them but you can minimize and remove them.  Toxins cause inflammation and inflammation is the route of nearly EVERY disease.  In this 33 Day Challenge (30 days just isn’t enough) we’ll provide you with :

  ToxSICK YOUniversity

1 hour University style webinar teaching you: 

  • What types of toxins exist
  • The impact they have on you
  • What you can do to minimize exposure
  • What you can do to remove them from your body

33 Day Total Detox Challenge

33 Days of Mini-Lessons Detoxing Your Life!

The day following the Seminar you will begin your 33 day detox challenge where we text and email you one short 3 minute video a day for 33 days … each video teaching you something actionable you can remove toxins from your life. This will provide you with small ACTIONABLE items you can chip away at daily to start completely detoxing your life!

Just some of the TOXINS you’ll learn about…

  • Microwaves
  • Personal care products
  • Water
  • EMF’s
  • Household cleaners
  • Stress
  • GMOs in food
  • Medications
  • stress
  • MANY more