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Dr. Rocky Nelson, MD, Urologist

You are not alone. Recurrent UTIs affect millions of women, but they don’t have to. That’s where we come in.  

Join our FREE two week Better Bladder Challenge and learn 12 things you can do to improve your urinary health and prevent getting those pesky recurrent UTI infections.





Extend Your Health-Span

Build health rather than fight disease

Vitalize your body so that you reduce your fear or need of anything on the outside.

Without it being difficult; we make life more fun and easier, not harder than it is to live right now.

Challenge Your Approach to Health

You don’t get really serious until there’s a challenge placed in front of you and people that surround you to hold you accountable. If that 5K is coming up, you’ll get off the couch and start the routine.

Adapt Health Will Hold You Accountable: 

  • Regular Health Challenges 
  • Clear Structure and Instructions
  • Community of Other Challenge Participants
  • Ultimate Accountability


Challenge Support

Why Adapt Health

Adapt Health Podcast

Live, Unscripted, Raw & Uncut

The Adapt Health Podcast radically challenges today’s twisted definition of “healthy” and aims to retrain and challenge it’s listeners to a new vision of health.  

“Podcast Hosts Dr. Ben Lerner and Derek Peterson are on a mission to wake up the woke-ists around overall mental and physical health.  Their to the point and unscripted approach does not worry about hurting your feelings, but moreover aims at making an impact on the health brain washing that exists today”

– Podcast Weekly


What Are People Saying

Absolutely love Adapt Health, what it stands for, how it functions and how it aims to to change the way people think about & approach their health.  The world needs this!