Episode 4: You Are Toxic

Toxicity and toxic load is a silent phenomenon that plagues the life of many today… killing you slowly over time! What are these toxins? How are they impacting us? What can we do protect ourselves? Learn this and more on this weeks episode!

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Key Points From the Episode:

  • Learn how many chemicals you are injecting int your body when you take vaccines
  • what can we do to detox our bodies after the holidays
  • IV drop of toxicity- the chemicals are all around you and they are killing you
  • How many chemicals are in an umbilical cord and how babies are being fed toxins before they are born
  • Learn about the chemicals in the air we breathe and what you can get to clean it
  • People are getting diagnosed with cancer who are relatively healthy because we are aggressively exposed to toxins
  • Toxins from electronics and EMF exposure
  • Lifespan vs health span
  • Get back to the basics of health
  • Learn about the most damaging toxins and what they are doing to your health
  • Drugs by design are toxins and they aren’t curing you
  • Learn about the toxins in our food and water and how you can avoid these toxins
  • Would you eat your lotion?
  • One shot or cigarette won’t kill you but the accumulation over time
  • What is toxic load and how are you filling your cup of toxins even if you don’t feel it right now

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