Episode 1: Challenge The Way You Approach Your Health

Welcome to our very first episode! In this episode, we share our “why” and what you can expect from the Adapt Health Community and our goal to heal the world.

Listen to The Podcast Here

Key Points from Todays Episode:

  • A fresh look at wellness
  • We have a natural immunity
  • The worlds definition of health is wrong.
  • Sick care system
  • Open your mind to new concepts and you will see your life improve dramatically
  • Science based definition of health
  • We are delivering a call to action
  • What actually is proven to work when battling illness
  • Derek’s story from the lowest point in his life to where he is today
  • Why they thought it was important to create this podcast today
  • Not against something but for something
  • A natural approach
  • Challenge yourself
  • Welcome to the Adapt Health Community

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