Episode 8: Anti-Inflammatory Foods

We know you’re feeling it from last week’s podcast on inflammatory foods and what you CAN’T or shouldn’t eat.

Hungry yet?
I have good news … there is a LOT of delicious and nutritious anti-inflammatory foods out there that you can substitute into your diet.

Learn about them in this week’s episode!

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Key Points From the Episode:

  • inflammation sets your organs on fire
  • Association and disassociation
  • Over time you will get addicted to feeling good
  • Your health is catching up to you unless you make some sort of shift
  • You are committing suicide one cigarette at a time
  • You are sprinting thru the valley of the shadow of death when you eat that way all the time
  • Your food is the building blocks of your machine that helps your grow and get through life
  • The benefits of berries
  • Some fruit have higher glycemic index and high sugar content
  • Berries are high on the dirty dozen list so buy organic
  • The benefits of Fatty fish
  • The importance of omega 3s
  • Omega 3 food vs omega 6 foods
  • The benefits of broccoli
  • Anti-inflammatory compounds will show up in your blood and shift your PH
  • An amazing broccoli recipe
  • The benefits of avocado
  • The benefits of green tea
  • The kind of tea you buy matters
  • Phytonutrients- the bright colors in vegetables that have nutrients that fight inflammation
  • Diversify your diet
  • Why it’s important not to eat the same thing over and over again even if it’s healthy
  • Food sensitivity
  • Keep a food log

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