Day Twenty of 33 Day Challenge (5 Minute Video)

Pick The Right Tea!

Pukka Green Tea With Matcha

Pukka Selection Box of Tea

Traditional Medicinal Chamomile Tea

Numi Variety Pack

Brands: Pukka, Traditional Medicinals, Numi.  Here are some tea tips to ensure that warm cup of tea isn’t soaked in pesticides and toxic immune system destroying chemicals : 

  • ALWAYS buy organic preferably loose leaf tea like Rishi brand.  This ensures there is no “bag” that’s leeching the bleaching chemicals and harmful plastics into your drink.
  • Most tea is not washed before it’s packaged.  
  • Non-organic teas are soaked in cancer causing pesticides.   One cup won’t kill you… but a few cups a day might over time.
  • Tea brands that add “natural flavors” is code word for chemicals made in a lab.  Avoid this always.
  • Careful on the labeling as even non-gmo labeled teas, they still use “natural flavors”.


Dr. Steven Baker

Dr. Ben Lerner

Derek Peterson