Join us on our challenge to vulnerably share our personal health journey and YOURS. 

We all have different goals and change we want in our health.  However, many fail because they see only the BEFORE and AFTER photos and don’t realize all that goes in between.

Without a plan and a community to share in the vulnerable struggles through the process of change … many fail.  We are looking to change that!

This Challenge is simple and anyone can join.  We are sharing our journey with you on our facebook group and the video on this page, and ask you to do the same along side of us.  It can be any health change you wish to make between now and January 1st of this year… the next 5 months! 

Like all of our challenges, this is FREE… the only cost is your time and your commitment to your health.

Name Your Health Challenge Along Side Us… and Thrive Together!

Watch 5 Minute Video

Do It For You & Do It For Something Greater Than You

Between now and January first Jason Fromer is looking to lose 25 lbs the RIGHT WAY and and Derek Peterson is looking to gain 25 lbs of lean muscle the RIGHT WAY.

For every pound Jason loses and every pound Derek gains we are going to give a $100 to charity with the over all goal of donating $5000 between us.

The overall goal is to raise $10,000 …. but we need your help in joining and manifesting in your challenge tied to a donation you are comfortable with.

Why Thrive Challenge?


Rise Against Hunger is growing a global movement to end hunger by empowering communities, nourishing lives and responding to emergencies. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

We know that without adequate nutrition — people can be fed and still be starving. It’s not just about providing enough food but the right food!

Wholesome Wave is committed to a day when everyone has access to nutritious fruits and vegetables!

With your support, we can provide affordable access to fresh, nutritious food for those suffering from nutrition insecurity and continue our work toward more equitable food and health systems! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Simply put Adapt Health is excited to announce our partnership with one of the top trainers on the planet!

Brian will be personally guiding EVERY step of Jason and Derek’s journey down to the last calorie and last repetition… and he’s here to help you too.

Despite managing a plethora of clients and a busy dad-life with two young kids, Brian has agreed to act as a resource to those in the challenge and answer any questions in the FACEBOOK GROUP.  

Ask what you want, and Brian or someone from our team will aim to answer your questions and provide support during your Thrive Challenge journey!

* Personal trainer and diet/macro coach for local multi-gym conglomerate
* Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
* Late stages of ISSA Strength and Conditioning certification
* Trained in both group and individual one-on-one consulting

Join The Challenge, Improve Your Health

& Make A Difference In 4 Steps


Decide you are in for changing something about your health that you wish to put out there


Commit to this journey by filling out the form below and joining this cause


Vulnerably share your ups and downs of your journey in our Facebook Group


Commit to a dollar goal amount to give to charity at the last day of 2022


Sign up below and you’re in.  We’ll send you a text and email with one simple tastk to get started!