Day Five of Better Bladder Challenge (3 Minute Video)

Clean Up Your Toilet Routine

Everyone knows, “wipe front to back”. It’s true and it does help prevent UTI’s by not dragging bad bacteria closer to the vagina and urethra. But it’s not just wiping front to back.

You need to empty completely. Don’t push, just relax. Slow down. Let the bladder do the work. Sometimes standing up, turning around and then sitting back down and emptying again will help. You want to be more efficient in emptying. 

Fix your constipation. Constipation often interferes with normal voiding. If you are constipated try to use over the counter stool softener, Metamucil, fiber or Miralax.


Evaluate your toilet routine. Make sure you’re wiping correctly. Relax, double void if you need to. Make sure your bowels are working well.


Dr. Rocky Nelson

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