Day Four of Better Bladder Challenge (3 Minute Video)

Clean Up Your Diet

Garbage in, garbage out they say. It’s true with your diet too. There are many foods that may irritate your bladder. Spicy foods, acidic foods, caffeine, some sweeteners and carbonation can all irritate your bladder.

If you are diabetic you can lose sugar into your urine. This is food for microorganisms that can cause infection. Get control of your diabetes. Some newer diabetic medications (Farxiga for example) push out sugar through the urine to help patients control their blood levels. UTI’s are a common side effect of these newer medications.


If you are diabetic, get it under control. If on medications that push sugar out in the urine, talk to your doctor about other options.

Look up foods that may contribute to UTIs or bother your bladder. Keep a food and drink diary for 3 days and find out what bothers your bladder. Find your triggers and stop them. Switch soda, coffee and tea for water. 

Consider Prelief to cut back acid in your urine and allow you to occasionally eat something that usually bothers your bladder.  CLICK HERE to grab it if you feel it’s needed.


Dr. Rocky Nelson

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