Day Eleven of Better Bladder Challenge (3 Minute Video)

See a Urologist

Not all episodes of frequent and burning urination is a UTI. If this is a repeated problem make sure you see a good urologist to make sure it’s not something else. Sometimes bladder cancers or anatomic anomalies can masquerade as a UTI. 

While a lot of recurrent UTIs can be prevented using techniques from our challenge and natural supplements like Purology there are some medical and congenital reasons someone gets recurrent UTI. See a urologist to make sure it’s not a stone, bladder cancer, urethral abscess, anatomic or congenital problem and to make sure you’re emptying your bladder all the way.


Find a urologist that will make sure your recurrent UTIs are not something else and is willing to order a PCR test like VeroDx to make sure you know what you’re treating.


Dr. Rocky Nelson

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