Day Ten of Better Bladder Challenge (3 Minute Video)

Clean Up Your Wardrobe 

What you wear and how you clean your clothes can play a role in recurrent UTIs. Synthetic underwear or thongs can encourage bad bacteria to move into the vagina. Cotton allows more breathability in this area. Bacteria like warm, moist environments that are more typical with non-cotton underwear and tight pants. Keeping your gym clothes or swimming suit on can also play a role in encouraging UTIs.

Laundry detergents  and fabric softeners have fragrances that can irritate the vagina and lead to inflammation and decreased ability to fight off UTIs. 


Go through your underwear drawer and wardrobe. Stick to cotton panties and avoid tight pants.

Remove gym clothes or swimming suits directly after use.

Decrease the amount of laundry detergent per load, and also avoid using dryer sheets or fabric softeners. Look for a tissue friendly detergent.


Dr. Rocky Nelson

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